The Association of Aesthetics and Science of Art was established on July 22, 1989 with the goal of “contributing to the research and development of aesthetics, science of art, and other relevant academic disciplines.” On November 5, 1994, the organization was renamed the Korean Society of Aesthetics and Science of Art (KSASA), as it is known today.

KSASA is an interdisciplinary network of about 300 scholars and researchers working in aesthetics, the science of art, and other relevant fields. Each year, KSASA holds three regular conferences (in March, June, and October) and publishes three issues of its academic journal, The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art (in February, June, and October), thereby advancing its mission of qualitatively enhancing the research in its fields.

Launched in 1991, The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art published its 54th issue in June 2018. The journal’s academic excellence was confirmed in 2004, when it became the first publication in its field to be added to the registry of journals by The Korea Research Foundation (now the National Research Foundation of Korea). Since then, KSASA has continually taken steps to improve not only the quality of the journal, but also the overall academic system.

In addition to traditional theoretical articles on aesthetics and the science of art, The Journal of Aesthetics and Science of Art also covers current practices in the actual venues where art is produced and exhibited. By providing an open forum for interdisciplinary discussions integrating various issues of art, philosophy, religion, and science, the journal activates scholarly contemplations about diverse artistic and cultural phenomena.

Board Members
President Jeong-Im Kwon(Kangwon National University)
Vice President Jun-Sik Won(Daejeon University)
Sun-Kyu Ha(Hongik University)
General Affairs Director So-young Choi (Pusan National University)
Research Director Eui-Jung Han(Sookmyung women’s Univ)
Conference Planning Director Seung-Chol Shin(Gangneung-Wonju National University)
For further information please send an email to ksasa@ksasa.org